UFOs and a Tea Cozy

Recently I was talking with someone who was lamenting all the UFOs they had. I must have had that puzzled look on my face-as he went on to explain that UFOs were “UNFINISHED OBJECTS” or Unfinished Projects.

Clearly it distressed him. I however am very fond of UFOs–sometimes I do sit down and make something from start to finish. But with projects that require more time, I put them down and when I’m ready to work again… I might not be in the mood for that same project. I often do something else instead. In fact, I have a scarf I wear that took me 3 Octobers to knit. I only get the urge to knit in the Fall, and I’m not that fast, plus it must compete with the other urges such as making giant pots of homemade soup, and curling up in front of the fire with a good book.

Recently I pulled one of my UFOs out of the closet. I’m not entirely sure when I started it. I think it was a year and a half ago. I decided that as I had started making actual pots of tea (you know instead of those convenient little tea bags). I have a collection of teapots and tea cups some which were gifts and some which were passed down to me by beloved grandmas.


However it struck me that I did not have a TEA COZY. Really?? So of course I had to pull out all sorts of fun fabric, lace, crochet, fibers etc. Because I just can’t use one fabric and be done with it! No! That would be “not much fun”! Then I was wondering what to use to line it to keep the teapot snug and warm. I remembered a conversation I had had with my mom that morning about how much trouble the new puppy was, and how he had just chewed up a polar tech blanket. I called her and the blanket hadn’t been tossed yet, and I got a piece that was not gnawed upon, and tossed it into the wash.

The project got worked on in bits of time, and slowly it evolved. I pulled it out just last week and while listening to a summer baseball game, added some of the finishing pieces, including making another ribbon flower, and sewing on some seed beads.

DSC03431 DSC03433

Above is the flat version, with both sides. Below I put it over the teapot so you can see how different it looks when rounded out.



DSC03436 DSC03438

I used some rubber letter stamps and drew and painted the little birds on muslin.


DSC03439 DSC03440  DSC03442

DSC03444 DSC03445

I haven’t yet attached the outside to the lining… that may take a few more weeks before I get the urge to do that. And I’m okay with that. Really. There are times when I just want to work on something but don’t feel like coming up with an idea, gathering and planning…. so it is perfect to come upon a project that is no longer in its infancy but that has a some idea of what it wants to be when it grows up and I get to nudge it along its path. I encourage you to embrace UFOS and never to tell yourself that something is wrong with you because you have lots of unfinished projects. You will get to some of them, and others you won’t. Just do whatever sounds like fun to you!


I’ve always loved perfume bottles. In this little 6″ x 6″ oil painting I got to play with all their pretty reflections and colors.

Have a Lovely Day!

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