"I can hardly wait for your classes to begin [this season] as they are so much fun. I love your teaching style!"Gail

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the class yesterday and how much I got out of it.

I learned SO MUCH, and came home with my brain excited and full of ideas, and even a more "painterly" way of looking at the world (I have always disliked that word, but now really get it, thanks you).

It was truly a pleasure, from beginning (nervous sweaty first day of school palms and all) to the end, which came way too quickly. "


"Thanks again for three days of fabulous watercolor workshops this month.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute, and really appreciate your teaching style."


"First I have to say thank you a million times over.  I had the best time I have had in a long time.  I cannot tell you how it felt to do something creative.  I am looking forward to more of your classes.  Since that class everything I look at is different.  I see things I did not see before and what I have been doing is writing ideas in my journal and taking pics of the things I see for inspiration.
Thanks so much for opening a new world."


"I really enjoyed the collage class I took with you in May. Just a lot of fun, information and getting over the feeling I am not artistic. I'm trying to find some way to be creative. . . to fill that need so I am trying different things. You made it very relaxed and enjoyable, especially to be in your charming home."


"I just wanted to send you a little note thanking you for the wonderful classes last week. I really enjoyed everything. I had no experience with watercolors and now I feel confident in using them 🙂 Plus, I really loved all of the techniques you showed us - very cool stuff!"


"Thank you so much for a fun class and for opening the door to easing up inside around the process of creating art.

My favorite thing was being given permission to be open to exploration without judgment or restraint. It helped me to relax around it and not feel like I have to love or show every piece; it helped me make more peace with process."


"I have received so many compliments on the collages! Your class was delightful and really fed my soul.

My ""AH-HA!" moment regarding being in a collaboration with materials instead of "working" them has helped TREMENDOUSLY in so many areas of my life. What a gift!"


"It was a very fun class and I enjoyed it thoroughly! You are an inspiring teacher. I've gained a new perspective on the process and it has been more fun. YAY for art and the creative process!"


"Love the small classes. Love that you are encouraging and helpful in your teaching."


"All I can say, is WOW, what a terrific class! I’ve never thought of myself as creative, but you helped me find my “inner artist."

Kathy Carroll
Mike Carroll Gallery, Lanai, HI


"I had so much fun yesterday, came home and did another collage last night, so you once again inspire me very much and I love your classes.
Thanks again for a wonderful art day."


I'm a very linear thinker, so I love that your instructions are step by step.  As in: We started with all the different altering methods for the book. Then backgrounds, then color and design.  I would rather learn a lot of different techniques in a class, vs. going home with one pretty page.  I also love getting to try new products that I've never used before. Thanks again!"


"Thanks for your eye/ear perceptions into 'my' needs/concerns....You provided me with multiple tips on ideas, techniques, procedures to guide me along my wispy path/adventure into the world of artistic expression.............thank you for being such a thoughful and caring shurpa."


"I want you to know how much fun I had in your class!
I was able to let go and just have a good time and not over think about what you wanted us to do and learn about how do use materials, that I have not worked with. You really helped me to over come some of my fears of playing with art. I love texture and all kinds of mixed media. I am sure I will be doing more in the future and making time to let go and have fun with art. L and I had a great day and time in your class. Thank you for a fun experience with art, and a great few hours that went by way to fast!!!"


"Great fun class today!  I learned a lot and had fun doing it.  Now I'm all fired up for the jewelry class.  Thanks also for your tip about the recycled sari silk; I did some damage on Etsy when I got home."


"I was so inspired yesterday that I came home and finished my journal cover. Now on to some pages...Thank you again for providing a safe place for your students to explore their creativity!"


"Thanks for the wonderful class yesterday, Liesel.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, your beautiful home and your relaxed teaching style.  I began working on pages in my book that evening.  I am looking forward to my next class.  Just trying to decide….."


"I had such a great time! Loved your class and the play with words and watercolors was heart opening!"


"I *soooooooo* enjoyed your class. It opened up a whole new world for me, and I'm so excited to learn more. I want to learn more about watercolor, now that you got me hooked. You are a wonderful teacher, and I thoroughly enjoyed your class. A LOT of students were raving about your Journalfest classes. You are a terrific instructor and a super-talented artist, and clearly a lot of people appreciated that. I honestly had no idea that watercolor could do the things that you taught us. Thanks again for everything."