Online Class: Joyful Watercolor Sketching

  • Eight Sections with videos, photographs and text:

    1. Materials for Watercolor Sketching: What I use, how and why.

    2. Sketching Tips: How to shade with pens and pencils. 

    3. Perspective: 6 Key ways to show perspective in your work.

    4. Choosing What to Sketch: How to look for points of interest, and crop your subject.

    5. Sketching with a Permanent Pen- Step by Step Paint Along.

    6. Sketching with a Water Soluble Pen- 2 Step by Step Paint Alongs.

    7. Sketching with a Water Soluble Pencil and Colored Pencils- 2 Step by Step Paint Alongs.

    8. Painting with Buff Titanium (you may substitute other colors). Step by Step Paint Along

    9. Sketchbook Design Ideas. Ways to add in text, and arrange elements on your pages.

    PLUS Downloadable pdfs with instruction, sketch samplers, links to resources and more.

    Discover how fun it is to mix sketching and watercolor together while traveling, visiting your favorite cafe, or working from your photos at home. This style of sketching is loose and freeing. I have a very fun and easy way to help you learn to sketch and paint what you see. It breaks down the steps and creates beautiful expressive sketches. Starting with easy drawing exercises to warm up, you’ll gradually add in detail with pen sketches.

    Perfect for the advanced beginner, this class picks up where my Joyful Beginning Watercolor class leaves off. No drawing experience is needed for this class, some watercolor painting experience is helpful. 


    You will need

    1. permanent pen
    2. non permanent pen
    3. pencil and eraser
    4. watercolor paint and palette
    5. brush(es), water jars, and paper towels
    6. paper
    View complete information and available kits here.

  • Open Now!

    • 53 videos, 6 hours with optional HD viewing
    • Videos are filmed close up. No background music, so you can listen to your own or silence.
    • Pdfs are downloadable and for you to reference any time in the future.
    • You will have full access to all content immediately- after payment has processed, allowing you to skip around and to work at your own pace.
    • High speed internet connection recommended, basic computer skills required. Class is on a dedicated server so content will load as quickly as your internet connection allows. 
    • Refunds not available.
    • Full access to class for one year.
    • Cost $95