Online Class: Joyful Beginning Watercolor

Class is open. You can take it anytime. 

online class: beginning watercoloI believe that anyone can have fun and success with watercolor. With a very easy approach you will learn all the basic ways to handle watercolor, gradually leading up to how to create a painting. Sign up for this online class: beginning watercolor and discover how great watercolor is!

You will get:

  • 66 Videos/ 11 hours of instruction broken into short segments so you can paint along.

  • 94 pages of downloadable pdfs with detailed instructions on each topic, color charts, and reference photos so you can work from the same photo I am.

  • Topics covered in depth:

    1- All About Paper, Brushes & Palettes

    Learn about what is out there, what each is good for, and how to choose what best suits your interests.

    2- All About Paint

    An in depth look at student grade vs professional grade paint, staining, lightfastness, granulation and transparency and why it helps to know all this when you go to choose your paint colors. How to layout paints in your palette and work with paint tubes to get the maximum paint possible.

    3- Getting Started & Mixing Colors

    How to set up your painting area for both left and right handed painters. Discover how to control the amount of paint and water on your brush. Learn how to paint two color wheels-with 3 and 6 primary colors, how to mix luscious greens, purples and earth colors and how to avoid dull and muddy colors. 

    4- Wet into Wet techniques

    Discover several ways to work with wet into wet techniques to make a leaf, a strawberry and two pears. Start small and easy and work up in complexity.

    5- Washes, Dry brush, Drip & Scrape techniques

    Learn the secret to non-streaky washes, how and when to use dry brush and how to build an entire outdoor scene with these plus drip and scrape techniques. 

    6- Painting with Glazes

    See a whole new way to paint using glazes-tarting small and then building to a whole painting.

    7- Lifting and Masking Techniques

    Gain control of your paint-how to create crisp and soft edges, how to remove excess paint or water, how to create highlights, and how to work with masking techniques. 

    8- How to approach a Painting from Beginning to End

    An in depth look at how to decide what order to paint things in. Paint along with me to create a whole painting--working from the same photo I am (photo is a downloadable pdf).

    9- All About Composition, and How to Simplify a Busy Photo

    An in depth look at several classic paintings and why they have strong compositions and how to use the same secrets in your own work. Next learn how to simplify a busy photo to create an engaging composition. Paint along with me working from the same photo and make your own decisions (photo is a downloadable pdf).

    10- Getting Unstuck, Finding Your Style, & How to Combine 3 Photos into 1 Painting

    We all get stuck at some point. Here are my tricks for keeping up the fun in painting and what to do when you don't know what to do! My thoughts on how we find our own styles. Plus often we can't capture our subject in just one photo-find out how to take the best from several photos and combine them into one painting. 

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"I love this class. You do an EXCELLENT job of breaking things down into simplified steps for beginners. Your handouts are also very thorough. You are an excellent teacher. I would recommend this class to anyone."



"I have taken a lot of online classes and I have to say that this is one of the best!

In fact, I think you could charge three times as much for this class for the amount of material you put together--it was absolutely fantastic.

I have been doing watercolor for several years, but mostly was self-taught ….this class has really helped me learn the medium. I loved all the exercises mixing color in different ways and that we learned several different techniques for creating paintings.

I have learned so much through this class--I'm so glad I decided to take it!"