Fuzzy Love Bugs- Lion Cubs!

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In my efforts to distract you from the winter weather, here is some cuteness for you! My friends and I went to the Woodland Park Zoo and were very lucky because it was warm enough (45 degrees) and dry so the baby lions were allowed outside. There are 3 males and they were so much fun to watch! It was so fun to watch them interacting with each other and their parents. Both parents were very attentive and patient-even when one was pulling on his mother’s tail!

It was a sunny day, even if a bit cool but these furry guys didn’t seem to notice. I just can’t get over how big their paws are!

I enjoyed seeing the similarities in how the cubs played with each other, so similar to the way my kitties played together when they were young!

Check out Mom’s Paws!

Seems all cats like the sun!

Sleepy Dad!

Family Portrait! : ) Have a Super, Wonderful Day!!!!

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