New Online Class: 

Joyful Beginning Watercolor! 
Class Starts March 27th • Registration is Open Now!

This is the class I wish I could have taken, when I began watercolor.

From years of teaching beginning watercolor in person, I know the common challenges and questions that beginners often face. I've refined this class to answer those concerns through a fun, clearly explained, and thorough introduction to watercolor. We will explore the different aspects of watercolor through very easy exercises, and gradually build up to creating a full painting.  

What You Will Learn

  1. Why watercolor is fun and EASY (don't listen to the naysayers!)
  2. Materials in depth: What should you know in order to choose your paper, brushes, and palette.
  3. What is the difference between student and artist's quality paint?
  4. Understanding the different qualities that paint can have, and how it affects your paintings.
  5. How to control the water and paint.
  6. My Favorite Painting Warm-ups
  7. Mixing Colors: 3 ways to mix colors, including how to create an entire color wheel from three colors.
  8. Different methods for working with watercolor and when to use them.
  9. How to create both crisp and soft edges.
  10. The secrets to shadows, highlights and reflected light
  11. Lifting Paint & Masking techniques
  12. How to paint an entire scene from beginning to end, whether you are working from your imagination, a photo or from life.
  13. What to do if you get stuck
  14. How to stay inspired and keep it fun!


Cost $95
10 weeks of instruction, access to class for 6 months after live class ends

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